EHF Entertainment was a backyard fed started in 1998. It grew from the yard to the bingo hall and gymnasium. With the help of Michiana Edge, EHF now holds the single company attendance record at the Century Center in South Bend, IN. 350 people at the Century Center and 400 people for an overall record at Niles High School's Project Graduation. Multiple shows, promotional events, program flyers,  and over $8,000 raised for schools, charity, and to fight cancer. 

Comedian Colton Cole

Comedian Colton Cole is an 10 year comedy veteran. He began performing at family events, special programs, comedy competitions, and eventually sharing the stage with WWE Legend and Hall of Famer, Jake "The Snake" Roberts. He has also performed at the Century Center in South Bend and the Palmer Center in Lakeville. He's one of a kind, just ask his twin brother Cody. 

Mr. G's is our longest running client. We have been working with them for over 8 years. Menus, place mats, Facebook, and a website. We maintain their social media and update their specials and events on a weekly basis.  We have built up a following of almost 3,000 likes on Facebook for them. 

Gerver's Towing has been a 5 year customer. We designed their business cards, stickers for their trucks, website, and the sign out front of their business. 24 hour reliable towing service. 


Stith Clucker Property Maintenance is Veteran owned & operated. They do landscape and snow removal. We designed their website and are assisting them with marketing campaigns. 269-445-7889 or 574-850-3430